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Fic: Observe and Record

(x-posted to timfinity and highlander_lj.)

Title: Observe and Record
Author: melannen
~3,500 words, gen, experimental crossover, Highlander/Batman.
In Which Timothy Drake is given his first field Watcher assignment, and Adam Pierson has a conversation with Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Broody that doesn't end in drawn swords. Quite.

Lo these many months ago, I started this extra story for the timfinity challenge. It was a Highlander/Batman crossover, of the Amalgamverse sort, where I just kind of took all the characters and concepts for both fandoms and stirred them together under high heat until I got something shiny and strong, and I had a great deal of fun with it. (Where else would I need a notes file almost as long as the story itself, just to keep track of how many identities each character knows each other character under and when, and which characters know about other characters knowing about other characters?)

But unfortunately, none of my usual audience cares about both Batman and Highlander enough to share my squee about a crossover, so I lost steam. I finally pulled the file out of storage last month, and worked up the first section into something I was proud enough of to post. I'd really love to know if anybody familiar with the fandom(s) in question thinks that this is a universe they'd like to see more in. Or if they just think it's confusing and too silly, like my non-squeeful friends do. (Volunteers for the position of long-suffering beta reader would not be turned away either.)
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FIC: The Mask of Robin [Tim Drake/Dark Angel]

I feel so bad. I was supposed to write a Tim/Kim Possible crossover and I completely got stalled out when I was mostly all the way through. Real life kept getting in the way, with my boss volunteering me for overtime, then I got sucked into the evils of Harry Potter porn.

As soon as I've got the final copy of "Go, Tim Go!" finished, I'll post it here. But until then, here's my B-line story, which I somehow managed to finish. ::bowed head: Sorry.

Title: The Mask of Robin
Author: Feygan
Fandom: DC-verse/Dark Angel
Rating: soft R for language and violence
Pairing: none
Disclaimer: I do not own the DC-verse or Dark Angel.
Summary: Robin isn't the only mask that Tim wears. He has more secrets than anyone would ever believe.
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Late because of me, sorry ^_^

Lyn submitted her story The Truth *way* before the deadline, but there were some formatting glitches in the file, so I set it aside, and then FORGOT about it in the rush of last-minute coding. My fault! Anyway, the story is up now-- please go read it, peripheralsight is awesome.

On a similar note, Chien (pikakao) also drew some Wonder!Tim art for thecomingnight's story The Hours In, which I somehow couldn't track down last night, but it has also now been added to the gallery.

*G* Thanks for being patient with me, y'all.